Radiohead tour focuses on cities with good public transit

Photo: Stephane De Sakutin, AFP/Getty Images

In addition to making great music (OK Computer remains one of this blogger's favorite listens), Radiohead tries to make a difference from an ecological standpoint. The band is going to great lengths to reduce the carbon emissions associated with its concert tour. In addition to refusing to fly unless absolutely required and investing in equipment like solar-powered generators, the group carefully considers where they choose to perform. Specifically, if a city doesn't have a solid public transit infrastructure, it likely won't be a tour stop. As lead singer Thom Yorke points out, the largest CO2 producers associated with Radiohead are its legions of fans and how they transport themselves to and from shows. If they can get them out of cars and onto more efficient transportation systems by choosing show locations that encourage this behavior, then it's a green "win." Radiohead can essentially sell out any venue it wants, so credit them for being picky. Choosing locations because the surrounding infrastructure passively encourages greener fan behavior is a lot more meaningful than just selecting the biggest venues and preaching environmentalism from the stage while thousands of cars clog the surrounding roads and parking lots. As you all know, talk is cheap. Yorke and Radiohead make their green impact through considered, thoughtful planning and by sweating the logistical details so their fans don't have to. Good for them.

[Source: AP via Forecast Earth, Photo: AFP/Getty Images]

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