Opel Meriva concept could spawn Saturn variant

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Opel Meriva concept.

The Opel Meriva concept's high belt-line and hatchback shape looks like it could double as a Pontiac Vibe of the future, but recent history tells us it could one day find its way into a Saturn dealership. Automotive News quotes unnamed GM execs saying that the next generation Meriva is "being considered" for the U.S. market. The dreaded "business case" has to be made in order for the little MPV to land stateside, but the Meriva, already successful in Europe, has plenty going for it. The concept that previews the next production model was built with parts from two of GM's small car architectures that will be shared with other vehicles, and the Meriva's turbocharged 1.4L engine also rested under the hood of the Saab 9-X concept. The Meriva would also supply Saturn with a fuel-efficient family hauler, at least more efficient than the VUE CUV, another European import from Opel. Heck, it's not our money, we say build it, slap on a Saturn badge and call it a day.

[Source: Automotive News, subs. req'd]

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