A million happy tuk tuk hybrids

The tuk tuk, or auto rickshaw, is a common means of transportation in the crowded cities of India as well as many other Southeast Asian countries. They are a great transportation solution and a huge source of employment, but because they are mostly powered by smoky 2 stroke engines, they are also a huge source of pollution. Enter the Hybrid Auto Rickshaw project. From ENVIU, the same folks that brought you the Sustainable Danceclub, comes an innovative attempt to curb some of this pollution. The idea is to engage students of technical and business studies to battle each other to design the cleanest, cheapest and most practical upgrade kit for existing auto rickshaws.

So, if you're a technical or business student with an interest in tuk tuks or hybrids - or both - what are you waiting for? Go to their website, read all about it, maybe check out a couple videos and sign yourself up!

[Source: Hybrid Auto Rickshaw via Treehugger]

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