Honda shifts Ridgeline production from Canada to Alabama

Honda built its state of the art Lincoln, Alabama plant to produce the Odyssey minivan and Pilot SUV, and now it's going to add the Ridgeline unit-body pickup, as well. Cost-wise, it makes a lot of sense to move Ridgeline production from Canada to Alabama, considering all three vehicles share a platform and powertrain. What's tough to understand is how Honda intends to squeeze out an additional 40,000 units from the ultra-efficient plant. The Lincoln plant is already operating 13,000 units beyond peak capacity, with its very strong minivan and SUV selling well around the country.

Lucky for Honda we're not in charge of vehicle production, and we're sure the company's many brilliant engineers know what they're doing. Now, if the Japanese automaker can get some equally talented designers to gussy up the visual train wreck that is the Ridgeline, then they'd definitely need a second manufacturing sight site.

[Source: AL]

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