Tesla's financier in chief talks about driving Roadster #1 daily

Tesla Motors' Chairman and chief fundraiser Elon Musk took delivery of the first production Roadster on February 1 and he's been driving it on a daily basis every since. He just put up a post on the Tesla company blog about his experiences so far. In general he loves his new toy, with its awesome acceleration and handling. However, it's not quite perfect. The single piece seats are devoid of adjustments other than fore-aft. If they fit your body, they're great, but if not, you're out of luck, for now. Musk has already set the engineering staff to work on re-working the seats. Once a new design is ready and validated, Tesla will offer them to owners as a free upgrade. Meanwhile, a further extra cost option will be seats custom tailored to the owner.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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