VIDEO: Cartastic Iron Man movie trailer now online

Click above to view Iron Man official trailer

We get very fidgetity if there's not an auto-related movie, TV show or spoken word poetry slam album to talk about here on Autoblog. So while the upcoming superhero flick Iron Man does not have a plot that revolves around our four-wheeled friends, it certainly does feature a good number of them and the movie enjoys some nice Audi R8 product placement, as well. The official trailer for Iron Man has just been released; it's the one you'll be seeing in theaters while waiting for Spiderwick Chronicles to start. The story focuses on Robert Downey, Jr.'s character Tony Stark, the multi-billionaire weapons contractor for the U.S. government who builds an exo-skeleton out of iron and opens a few cans of Grade A whoop ass on the baddies. He chooses to paint the iron suit in the appropriate hue of Hot Rod Red, though a Shelby Cobra gets destroyed in the prototype testing process. See? Plenty of car stuff there to talk about, so expect another eight posts on Iron Man before midnight.

[Source: IGN via Jalopnik]

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