B.C. to increase the carbon tax on drivers by 2.4 cents per liter during the summer

As you know, some countries are trying to reduce fossil fuels consumption by creating a carbon tax that is applied to products such as gasoline. One such example is British Columbia, Canada, where a tax of 2.4 cents for each liter of gasoline is going to be included in gas prices next summer. Voices have been raised in opposition to this measure. One of them is such as Don Martin, who writes in an article for the National Post that, with oil prices above $100 per barrel, Canadian consumers are paying 10 cents per liter more for their gas already. And yet they continue to drive their cars and heat their houses. Therefore, a low 2.4 cent tax would have little to no impact on consumer habits to reduce their fuel consumption.

Similar taxes in other countries seem to have had a similar effect. Germany's gas prices are almost twice as high as Canada's and yet Germans drive a lot, and in powerful cars as well. In the end, it might seem that these taxes just seem a nice way to add revenue, albeit for a good cause, for Mr. Taxman.

[Source: National Post via Automotive]

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