Look for more bio-fueled Aston Martin racers in 2008

Last year, Barwell Motorsport's bio-ethanol powered Aston Martin DBRS9 proved green fuels can be competitive in racing. That success did not go unnoticed, and Cadena Motorsport will follow in Barwell's footsteps, converting its yellow DBRS9 to run on the greener juice as well. The British GT Championship's website caught up with Cadena drivers Barrie Whight and Gavan Kershaw. Whight says Aston Martin's racing partners see the use of green fuels as very attractive because it improves their corporate environmental responsibility. It's likely to only get better, too, as other major series like the ALMS help encourage further innovation by embracing green racing initiatives. The bio-ethanol conversion for the Cadena DBRS9 is underway and should be finished by the end of this month.

You may also recall that in January, Aston Martin Racing announced that its new Vantage GT2 racer would also be E85-capable. And lest you think the Aston Martin biofuel migration is exclusive to modern racers, one of the entrants in the 2008 New York-to-Paris "Great Race" is a vintage '67 Aston Martin DB6 converted to run on E85. It's no secret that automotive technology is often tested on the racetrack before making its way into passenger cars. Maybe the well-heeled (and James Bond) will be cruising in bio-fueled roadgoing Astons in the not-too-distant future.

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[Sources: British GT via Crash.net]

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