Hamster admits things not alright 18 months after crash

I hopped on the Top Gear bandwagon a little late, having just finished devouring the past two seasons thanks to helpful websites like Finalgear.com. During this period of shows is when host Richard Hammond crashed a jet-powered dragster going 288 mph. Though he suffered significant injuries including head trauma, Hammond was back on the Top Gear set just four short months after the crash. He now admits that was "much too early."
The Daily Mail reports that Hammond, a.k.a. Hamster, has since struggled with some degree of suicidal depression and still suffers from memory loss and spacial awareness issues that make simple tasks like parking a car difficult. That's surprising to hear, considering we watched Hammond drive all manner of high-powered autos last season, even competing in a 24-hour endurance race. Though he is as physically healed as he's likely going to get, the host with the best hair in Briton thinks his progress now depends on rewiring his brain to cope with complex emotional states. It makes four months in physical therapy sound preferable, but we wish his holy Hamster all the best as he returns to form. Thanks for the tip, Sincleazy!

[Source: The Daily Mail, Photo by EDMOND TERAKOPIAN/AFP/Getty]

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