Behold, the first Pratt & Miller C6RS Convertible!

Just days after we became enamored with Jay Leno's E85-powered C6RS Corvette at SEMA this past year, Pratt and Miller announced it would be producing the cars for the public, providing you had a Corvette and $185,000 to do the conversion. Included with each C6RS is carbon fiber bodywork, an adjustable suspension, upgraded brakes, and a 600-horsepower 500ci V8, among many other modifications. Pratt and Miller set availability of the C6RS for April of this year, but the first has already been delivered in the form of a yellow convertible. Who's the lucky customer? None other than Jim Miller, co-owner of Pratt and Miller. We guess if anybody deserves the first one, it's him. Thanks for the tip, Fletcher!

[Source: Pratt and Miller]

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