Toyota turns to forum for input on new sports car

Photo: David Guimaraes

If you're an automaker and want to tap into the knowledge base of your most fervent fans, what better place to go for input than one of the many model-specific forums on the 'Net. Supposedly, that's exactly what happened over at Club4AG.

The site's founder, Moto Miwa, has been in contact with one of the chief engineers tasked by Toyota to begin developing the oft-rumored sports car that's been making the rounds on the Web. The unnamed engineer worked on the original AE86 Corolla, along with a host of other projects including the 2nd generation Prius. While Toyota's ubiquitous hybrid isn't what anyone would consider sporty, the man behind its development, who's now working on the coupe, is apparently quite the petrolhead.

In preparation for a meeting with Toyota's engineer, Miwa asked the Club4AG crew with what they want the new coupe to come equipped. Naturally, the consensus involved repeated pleas for something lightweight, rear-wheel-drive, a DOHC four-cylinder that trades big power for responsiveness, and a chassis and engine that's designed for modification.

Here's hoping that Miwa's Man on the Inside heeds the advice and brings an entertaining whip to those of us with shallow pockets and a penchant for wrenching.

[Source: Club4AG via Winding Road]

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