Spyker iPhone clone spotted

In case you didn't know, Spyker lends its name to a number of consumer electronics, including mobile phones, digital audio players and pocket video devices. You can visit www.connect4spyker.com to view the entire product line, where Spyker reminds you in tongue-in-cheek fashion that a matching car is available for each one.
The gadget guys over at CNET, however, were excited to find what looks like an Apple iPhone clone badged with Spyker's name at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain this week. It looks exactly like an iPhone, but has a numerical keypad squished at the bottom of its face around what would be the Home button. According to CNET, the editors of which didn't get a chance to try out the phone since it was locked inside a glass case, tell us that Spyker's clone appears to be a solid attempt at capturing the magic and pixie dust that went into the design of the original. One thing's for sure, though, we know someone at Apple reads Autoblog, so Spyker should be checking its mailbox for a letter from Steve's lawyers.

[Source: CNET via Gizmodo]

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