U.S. D1 Grand Prix cancelled for 2008

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For those of you following the D1 Grand Prix here in the States, bad news came in the form of a press release from the drifting organization earlier this week. The D1 Grand Prix USA has been canceled for 2008 after challenges continued to rear their ugly heads from the series' organizers in Japan.

The 2007 schedule lacked any serious cohesion, but after hiring Mike Mucklin and the team that organized the GTLive tour back in 2004, we thought there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Not so, and after Mucklin left the organization soon afterwards, it was clear that the D1 Grand Prix was in dire straights in '08.

Thankfully, Formula D, the series that's quickly becoming the definitive drifting organization in the U.S., has continually stepped up its game and is rivaling D1 in both excitement and organization. Fans can still get their sideways fix and check out Formula D's schedule here.

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TORRANCE, CA (February 10, 2008) - D1 Grand Prix USA has announced the cancellation of 2008 point series events.

Due to issues and timing from the Japan series, the D1 Grand Prix USA series is being cancelled for the 2008 year. After a successful championship event last November at Irwindale Speedway, we vigorously attempted to launch the 2008 U.S. series but have been unable to due to Japan's delay on decisions and their focus on the Japan series. Our goal is to continue elevating and expanding the drift culture to the world. But at this time the official word from Japan is to focus on the Japan series for 2008.

It has been formally decided not to hold an event series in the U.S. but the "All Star World Championship" in November at Irwindale speedway is still scheduled to take place.

D1 Grand Prix apologizes for the series cancellation in the U.S. and plans to return the series next year.

Thank you D1 Fans.

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