Geneva '08 Preview: Toyota to show production version of iQ microcar

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Last September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota unveiled a tiny city car concept called the iQ. Next month in Geneva the iQ will be making a return engagement, only this time around in production form. The iQ heading to showrooms late this year retains most of the styling character of the concept, as well as its innovative 3+1 seating layout. Pulling the front passenger seat forward a little supposedly provides ample room for an adult in the rear seat. Enough space is left over for a child seat to also be added in the back. Toyota hasn't yet revealed details of the production drivetrain, but a 1.0L gas engine with start-stop capability is likely. Production is scheduled to launch later in 2008.

[Source: Toyota]
Press Release February 13th, 2008

Toyota to present two new additions to its small car line-up
at Geneva Motor Show

• World premiere of Toyota's revolutionary new iQ urban car
• European premiere of Toyota's new small SUV, the Urban Cruiser

At the Geneva Motor Show, Toyota will unveil the production design of its all-new small car – Toyota iQ. First shown as the Concept Car iQ at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show, iQ will go into production during late 2008.

iQ represents a break-through in compact urban transportation. For a first, up to three passengers can be comfortably seated in a compact urban vehicle at sub three metres in length, and additionally have enough area to accommodate a child or luggage.

The spaciousness of iQ is a result of its ingenious packaging, which was created by six space-saving but inter-linked engineering innovations that represent a revolution in Toyota's automotive vehicle development. Infused with Japanese design elements, iQ is a radical change in vehicle design as well as environmentally friendly transportation, and away from the belief that small cars are basic and less safe.

Toyota also uses the Geneva Motor Show to present a new extension of its sports utility vehicle line-up into the small car segment: Toyota Urban Cruiser.
This new Toyota is an environmentally responsible small SUV aimed at the urban all-roader market. It provides an answer to consumer desires for SUVs but with low fuel consumption and low emissions.

In addition, Toyota will also show its latest advances in urban environmental transport solutions, a Plug-in Hybrid prototype as well as two concept cars: the Toyota 1/X Plug-in Hybrid concept in combination with Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) technology, and the i-Real personal mobility concept.

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