Creator files patent for amphibian motorbike

Although I'm not sure up to what extent a motorbike that runs on water can be considered green, I think that the concept is a little greener than the long-time departed Amphicar. Anyway, Yahoo Noticias España has published that a guy has patented a tri-way valve system that inflates the two neoprene side-floats that keep a bike over water with cooled exhaust gases. Then the rear wheel can propel the amphi-bike and the front wheel becomes a helm.

The creator, whose name is José Antonio Aguilera, has been given an award for the amphibian bike concept and is looking for someone to invest money on it. He said that he created the amphibike when he was practising. Gibbs has a similar vehicle based on an ATV, and I think it actually looks better.

[Source: Agencia EFE via Yahoo News Spain]

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