Japanese can now buy Mitsuoka Orochi for less

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This is for all of our Japanese readers out there. We know that the only thing holding you back from running right out and buying the Mitsuoka Orochi is its hefty price tag of ¥11,945,000 ($111,572 USD). The car's exuberant styling is a fusion of inspirations that combines elements of the mighty Humpback Whale (see grille) with the attention-grabbing power of Britney... being Britney on any given day of her life. Yes, the Orochi is a peerless car (we won't call it a supercar, you can't make us), and now Mitsuoka is making the hand-built monument to bad taste less expensive for the average Japanese consumer. By using less metal-plated parts and artificial leather for 25% of the interior, the oddest Japanese automaker of them all has slashed 2.6 million yen from the car's starting price, which now begins at ¥9,345,000 ($87,287 USD). That's a big drop in the Orochi's cost of entry, which should mean you'll soon be seeing it on every street in Tokyo. Any day now...

[Source: japancorp.net]

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