VIDEO: The future of motoring, circa 1960

Back in 1960, the sky was the limit in terms of technology and industrial growth. 60 years earlier, only the rich had cars and telephones, and television was a pipe-dream. By 1960, however, every family had a car and a television, nuclear power had been invented, and jet airplanes transported people around the globe. The rush of growth led to futurists coming up with wild fantasies of the world to come, and we've found a real classic in the YouTube vault. After the jump is a nine minute cartoon from 1960 that details the future of transportation, from self-driving cars and flying ambulances to highways that are constructed in a day or two.

In some ways, the futuristic video was right on. It shows families driving in what is basically a glass-domed minivan that features children watching TV while dad gets up-to-the-second navigation updates via a punch-card system and a synchronized scanning map. Of course the car drove itself, too, but that technology is also well on its way. The video short mentioned solar power, but the vehicle that relied on the sun for motivation had no wheels and used an electro-glide for movement. Oddly enough, solar power came after atomic propulsion. And even though computers had been around since the 1940s, no mention of the technology was described during the video. Hit the jump to check oit, it's well worth a close look.


The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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