Rejected Renderings: Mercedes-Benz CLCs that didn't make the cut

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The new 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLC is the Stuttgart-based automaker's second recent attempt at making a hatchback version of the C-Class sedan work. The first-gen model was sold in the U.S. in small numbers, but we're not expecting the newly renamed CLC to make it across the pond for Yankee consumption. We're not sure U.S. consumers would take the bait a second time anyway. Though Mercedes claims it has 1,100 improvements, the new CLC is still based on the old C-Class architecture, and thus does not share underpinnings with the new C-Class on sale in the U.S. It basically looks like the first-gen model with the nose of the new C-Class grafted on.

But there reportedly were other designs being considered. These renderings show what the new CLC could have been, nearly all of which feature more dynamic designs than the one that eventually got the nod. Perhaps if the 2009 CLC came out of the oven wearing one of these shapes, the U.S. market would be more interested in Mercedes' newest hatch. Of note, however, is that we have no idea where Carscoop sourced these renderings, so they may not be official ones from Mercedes at all, but they sure do look the part.

[Source: Carscoop]
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