While we're stuck with Knight Rider and a bunch of really crappy game and reality shows during the writers strike, in Japan, reality/game/variety programs manage to turn generally mundane tasks into TV gold. Maybe we should import their shows during this time of need -- stuff like TV Champions, which recently aired an episode dedicated to finding Japan's greatest car parker. In the video above, professional drivers were tasked with flooring an Impreza STi in reverse, guiding it into a marked spot, and popping a balloon mounted against a wall of cans without knocking them over. Bonus: it's all set to Kenny Loggins' Top Gun classic, "Danger Zone." After the jump, we have the second segment, in which the drivers needed to back a 170cm-wide Toyota bB into a 171cm-wide corral. This is not easy. The completely unhinged host of the show ices the cake with his over-the-top calls in both segments. Who cares if you can't understand a word. It's wildly entertaining. Watch for yourselves. Thanks for the tip, catgirlshyla!

[Source: Japan Probe]

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