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HP Wars not over: RENNTech announces 695 HP package for Mercedes AMG models

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While Mercedes-Benz and AMG may be claiming that future high-performance models bearing the three-pointed star will not place such a heavy emphasis on high horsepower, that doesn't mean aftermarket tuner RENNTech is giving up the fight. The German tuner announced today a new Stage 3 package for any Mercedes AMG model powered by the company's twin-turbo 6.0L V12, a.k.a. the AMG 65-series of models. These include the S65, CL65 (shown) and the SL65 AMG.

Normally producing an already unreasonable 604 horsepower, the 65-Series TT V12 is improved with "next-generation ECU software" to get 695 HP and 890 lb-ft of torque. In addition to an extra 91 horsepower, RENNTech also claims its software tuning improves gas mileage and emissions. Of course, any bump in power requires a likewise improvement to heat management and airflow, so RENNTech also adds a bigger intercooler pump and secondary heat exchanger, as well as a pair of carbon fiber air filter boxes and new stainless steel sport mufflers. Be warned: the cost for all this will add another $18,990 plus labor to the cost of your AMG 65-Series.

[Source: RENNTech via Jalopnik]

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