Hyundai Genesis gets new grille just for Detroit, what gives?

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When the production version of the Hyundai Genesis was revealed, debate over its styling was a hot topic. Of particular interest to commenters was the grille, dubbed the "Klingon forehead" by some of you, which has a vertical center spine with three horizontal bars that turn down when they meet from either side. We instantly noticed the absence of Hyundai's logo on the grille and surmised that perhaps the Korean automaker felt that the presence of its logo would somehow divert attention away from the levels of luxury and refinement that people might normally associate with Hyundais.

With that in mind, we were surprised to find this Genesis V6 model with a different grille on the floor of the 2008 Detroit Auto Show. When asked what it was doing there, Hyundai responded that the badgeless grille is the only Genesis grille for now, but this version was done up as a kind of market research exercise. We were also told that it had been taken out of Hyundai's display before the Detroit Auto Show opened up to the public.

Well, we've decided to help Hyundai figure out which grille is preferred most by consumers. Vote for your preference below and, who knows, Hyundai might be listening.

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