Gillet Vertigo 5 unveiled in Brussels

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Most of us have only come across a Gillet Vertigo in racing games like Gran Turismo, but they do exist in the real world and have since one was first was introduced in Brussels at the European Motor Show in 1992. Gillet has just introduced a new version of the car called the Vertigo 5 at the same show some 15 years later. It's powered by a big 4.0L version of Alfa Romeo's V6, which is good for propelling the street-legal race car to 60 mph in just 3.26 seconds. An all-carbon fiber honeycomb chassis and other extreme weight saving measures born on the track keep the car light as a feather. The Vertigo 5 is said to cost €135,000 when it goes on sale, and we expect at some to point to be shown a full-on racing version, as well. We'll keep looking for official info from Vertigo and better quality pictures, but until then check out the gallery below.

[Source: via Motor Authority]

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