Two bus lines running exclusively on biodiesel

Tudela (Navarre, Spain) is known for harvesting the best asparagus in the world (or so they claim). Now it also it has a bus company that has decided to run only on biodiesel on all the town's urban lines, as well as an inter-urban connection between the Tuldela and Aguilar.

Arasa, the company that has the concession of these lines, signed an agreement with the Navarrese government and the affected municipalities: If the cost of the fuel ever becomes more expensive than regular diesel, the company will get subsidies from the authorities to continue with the project.

The company announced that the fuel will be certified under the EN-14214 European norm which guarantees it's perfectly equivalent to regular diesel. They also announced that the 150,000 liters that they will use will save 3.5 tons of CO2 per year.

[Source: Europa Press via Econoticias]

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