Pics Aplenty: 2009 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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You can read everything there is to know about the 2009 Hyundai Genesis in the post we published late last night, but at the time we only had three images of the Korean automaker's new super sedan to show you. Hyundai released the rest of its images this morning, giving us a complete view of the car's design both inside and out, including shots of what appears to be an uplevel model that's decked out with all the trimmings (see above).

We'll reiterate our concern that many may find the design of the Hyundai Genesis derivative and anonymous. In fact, the only place a Hyundai badge appears on the car is the rear trunk lid. Is that because the company believes a logo on the front grille might deter those who believe that Hyundai can't build a premium car? And as for its derivative elements, we mentioned the Lexus-like headlights and Infiniti-inspired profile, but we just figured out where we've seen those taillights before: on the rear of a BMW 3-Series sedan. Regardless, the overall design is, as we said before, clean and rich looking. Our first glimpse of the back seat also reveals prodigious amounts of rear leg room. So we again leave the 2009 Hyundai Genesis in your hands, dear readers, to judge as you will.

[Source: Hyundai]
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