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Win a GMC Yukon hybrid and, oh yeah, a $2 million house too!

If you like the idea of the new GMC Yukon hybrid but can't quite swing a little more than $50,000 to buy one, now you have the the opportunity to get one free of charge (sort of, you will have to pay the taxes on it). The cable channel HGTV is having a contest and giving away a new Yukon hybrid. As if that wasn't good enough they are tossing in a place to park it in the Florida keys. The garage comes with a $2 million house that includes a doggy dream home for your pooch. You will of course have to pay all the taxes on that stuff too which will cost you a lot more than just buying a Yukon. If you feel like taking your chances you can enter at the HGTV web site.

[Source: HGTV]

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