A-Team movie in the works, fool

A post on Jalopnik about a new A-Team movie led us to our sister-site Cinematical, where we found a treasure trove of info on the upcoming gift to cinema. First, the movie's existence has been confirmed by its director John Singleton, who you may recall directed a little movie called Boyz n the Hood. He also directed 2 Fast 2 Furious, so don't get your hopes up just yet. Second, the working script had already been posted online, but unfortunately the studio had it removed. Nevertheless, some details have emerged. In the script, the character of B.A. Baracas Barracus that was originally played by Mr. T in the TV series is described as "22-year-old walking steel with two-percent body fat." Damn. Variety reports that Ice Cube has been rumored as a possibility, but the script would call for Mr. Cube to get some serious liposuction before filming starts. No word on how far casting's progressed for the other characters, but sound off in the comments about which actors you think would fit.

The plot itself, unfortunately, sounds as if it will rival the Knight Rider two-hour television event in February as the most shallow and contrived of the year, with the entire A-Team being cast as Iraq War vets who've been wrongly framed by the government for a crime they didn't commit.

All that said, what's this got to do with cars? Well, the A-Team van is an iconic automobile right up there with KITT, the General Lee, and Lee Major's two-tone beige truck in The Fall Guy (maybe that last one's just me). Will a modern full-size van play the part, or will the movie stay true to its root and use an exact recreation of the 1983 G-series used in the show? There's one already available to do weddings, we here.

[Source: Cinematical, Variety via Jalopnik]

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