Commemorate your shotgun wedding with the A-Team Van

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Wedding days are often devoted to the wants and needs of the bride, with the groom on hand simply to deliver an "I do" at the right moment and not shove cake in his partner's pie hole. How refreshing is it then that a UK-based company is offering a service that caters to the male in domestic duos everywhere. Well, 'everywhere' as in within 75 miles of Bristol. The A-Team Van company will chaueffeur a wedding couple around on their special day for £350 the first hour and £100 per hour thereafter. Can you really put a price on this, though? In addition to the van being a spot-on replica of the A-Team's whip, the inside is outfitted with all manner of party gear including four swiveling captains chairs, two flat-screen TVs, every A-Team episode on DVD and A-Team tunes on demand! We particularly like one groom's reaction to the van's surprise arrival that can be seen after the jump. He apparently really loves it when a plan like this comes together.

[Source: The A-Team Van via Winding Road]

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