Dodge-branded Chery A1 headed to Mexico soon

Chrysler and Chery will finally consummate their corporate marriage south of the border when a version of the Dodge-badged Chery A1 goes on sale in Mexico soon. The Chinese econobox will be built at Chery's Wuhu plant and exported to Mexico. According to a review in the Wall Street Journal, beyond a vibration in the steering column at 100 mph, some interior fitment issues and a lack of grunt with four adults in the car, the A1 handled the daily slog with relative ease. Not bad for a little over $5,000.

Sales of the Dodge/Chery A1 in the States are expected sometime in 2009, assuming that the subcompact can meet U.S. crash and emissions standards. Regardless, we're still waiting for the Hornet.

[Source: China Car Times via TTAC]

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