Nissan releases another new interior sketch of Forum Concept

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We bring you the third sketch of the Forum Concept to be officially released by Nissan ahead of the vehicle's debut at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. As we've reported previously, the Forum is a futuristic people mover that may or may not contain styling cues destined for production. It could forecast a replacement for the Nissan Quest minivan, or it could herald an altogether new vehicle, or it could be a designer's flight of fancy. Regardless, this is the second interior sketch released by Nissan, this time showing a pretty neat trick: the second row bench, the entire second-row bench, can swivel 90-degrees either way or 180-degress to face the third-row seats. Sure, you don't get the center aisle that two captains chairs would provide, but getting in the way back seats should be a lot easier with second-row turned 90-degrees. Nissan calls it "Turntable Seating", a name that sounds warmed over by marketing types, which is evidence enough that it's being considered for production. We would've called it "Centrifugal Seating" or the "Whirly Doo". Alas, that's probably why Japan's #3 automaker doesn't sign our checks.

Nissan also tells us that the Forum Concept includes a "console-mounted microwave oven." Hot-Pocket, anyone?

[Source: Nissan]


Nissan FORUM Concept Seat Illustration Released

A FORUM For Family Gatherings. The interior of the new Nissan FORUM Concept, which makes its public debut at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, features a front driver's zone and rear kids' zone – brought together into one unified family space through innovative technology. FORUM's interior also features "Turntable Seating," a unique 2nd row seat that can rotate 90 degrees to either side or 180 degrees to face the three-passenger 3rd row seat. FORUM also includes individual audio/entertainment systems with wireless monitors and a console-mounted microwave oven.

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