Man busts a cap in red light cam that busted him

A Knoxville man caught blowing a red light by a traffic camera attempted to cover his tracks later that day by returning to the scene of the infraction and putting three .30-06 slugs in the ever-watchful device. Local police charged one Clifford E. Clark, III with felony vandalism and reckless endangerment for the act, which was allegedly committed early in the morning of November 25. The prior evening, Clark had run the red light at Broadway and I-640 in Knoxville. Officers heard the shots and apprehended Mr. Clark leaving a parking lot in the area. After stopping him, they found the rifle on the floor of his vehicle. The rationale for his actions wasn't discovered until a few days later, when, during the normal processing of tickets generated by the camera, authorities saw that he was snagged by its electric eye. As blogger Michael Silence puts it, maybe Mr. Clark saw this as an act of self-defense.
[Source: Knoxville News via Instapundit]

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