Gas station attendant mistakenly sets pump price at $0.33/gal

An attendant at a Minocqua, WI Shell station made a small data entry error when setting the pump price before closing time, and it clearly had an adverse affect on the day's receipts. The worker meant to drop the per-gallon price one cent from the $3.299 it had been set at. Instead, the trailing 9 was removed, which changed the price to $0.329. Even though the station was closed, the pumps were still on for credit card purchases, and it didn't take too long for drivers to take advantage and spread the word. Some 586 gallons were purchased by 42 people in the hour and forty-five minutes the erroneous pricing was in play. The feeding frenzy came to an end after police, noticing an unusual amount of traffic at the rural station, called the owner, who returned and shut off the pumps. It sounds like the employee who made the error is off the hook, as the owner termed it "an honest mistake" that even she could have made. She's less pleased with the locals who took advantage of the unintentional super-duper sale pricing, whom she chastised for being dishonest.
So, with this knowledge in hand, it's poll time:

[Source: AP via Digg]

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