Environmental group against three biodiesel plants in Seville, Spain

Ecologistas en Acción (EeA), one of Spain's largest environmental groups, has started a campaign against the installation of three biodiesel manufacturing plants in the Port of Seville in Spain. EeA is asking the administration to assess the origin of raw materials used in biofuel manufacturing, using the Indonesian palm oil case and Brazil and Argentina's mono-crops of soy as bad examples.
EeA claims that this kind of agriculture is making some territories even poorer because they use too many water resources and fertilizers which eventually lead to desertification. What's even more, they pose the question on how much fuel is used to transport those fuels.

According to this group, only recycled oils or those that are produced locally under stricter conditions should be used for biodiesel. The three plants are being built thanks to subsidies made by the regional government.

Source: Ecologistas en Acción via Agroinformación]

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