Galleria Ferrari offers a Scarlet ticket! Win a day at the factory and track

If you love insanely fast and gorgeous cars and you happen to be in Northern Italy over the next few weeks, you might want to swing by the Galleria Ferrari. The Galleria is in Maranello, not far from the factory where cars bearing the prancing horse are made. To celebrate their most successful year yet in terms of visitors, the Galleria is offering up a scarlet ticket to one lucky visitor and a guest. The person who buys ticket number 200,000 this year will get to spend the day at the factory and have lunch at the Ristorante Cavallino where old Enzo used to have his midday repasts. To top it all off, they then get to take a few hot laps of the Fiorano test track with one of the factory test drivers. The Galleria is open to Ferraristi daily (except for Christmas and New Years) from 9:30-6:00.
[Source: Ferrari]

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