10-second stock C6 Corvette Z06 on run flats

A ten-second quarter mile time in stock trim has been reserved for limited production supercars only. However, a man proved that with the right combination of weather and skill a completely stock C6 Corvette Z06 can break 11.0. During a private test and tune event at Maryland International Raceway (MIR) Jamie Furman and his C6 Z06 running on the stock Goodyear F1 EMT run flat tires hit 10.98 at 129 mph in the 1320. The run was validated by a track official to achieve the record for quickest mass production vehicle. While the run was aided by near sea level track elevation and 40-degree air temperature, it still took refined gear banging skills to secure the record. Mr. Furman did not leave well enough alone with one record though. After hitting the 10s on the stock tires he threw on a set of drag radials to see what would happen. He hit 10.83 at 130 mph, breaking the previous drag radial standard of 10.85.

Of course these records aren't officially recognized by a particular sanctioning body, but they are recognized by internet message board enthusiasts and isn't that all that matters these days? Stock vehicles running 10s would never pass NHRA safety standards anyway. There is nothing like stirring up some keyboard racers to get the mud slinging started. The guys on Corvette Forum invite anyone from Viper Alley to put up a challenge. Apparently Jamie Furman once owned a few Vipers, but believes that currently the Z06 is king of American muscle. The gallery below holds scans of the two record holding time slips for the non-believers.

[Source: Corvetteforum.com]

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