Rendered Speculation: Roewe SUV

Roewe, SAIC's renamed Rover, has an SUV in the works. Details are scant, though it's reportedly based on a Ssangyong model. We think the Ssangyong Kyron is hiding under the Roewe's handsome sheetmetal. The Kyron carries its Mercedes-esque styling atop a ladder frame and off-road capable 4WD componentry, so Roewe's new SUV should be able to get dirty without becoming mired. Roewe has added some Lexus to the styling of the Kyron, but the older Mercedes powertrain systems might not remain underhood. Ssangyong uses Mercedes castoffs through a special licensing agreement, though we wouldn't go so far as to call either vehicle a bargain last-gen Mercedes. Looking into reports on the Kyron reveal a vehicle that's well equipped but not a screaming deal; nor is it a stellar performer. Perhaps Roewe has revised the chassis calibration and found a different motor to slide in between the front fenders.

[Source: China Car Times via Straightline]

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