Unofficial Toyota 2000 SR Concept recalls 2000 GT

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Let's be clear right off the bat. This Toyota 2000 SR Concept by SURE DESIGN is not an official Toyota concept and in no way suggests that the Japanese automaker is considering a model inspired by the legendary 2000 GT. That said, it's still a cool concept that combines styling cues from arguably the greatest Toyota design of all time with a modern hybrid drivetrain. The motor is a turbocharged 3.5L V6 mounted in the front-mid position under the car's extra long hood. The deets put the turbo V6 at an impressive and quite unbelievable 610 horsepower sent to the rear wheels without the hybrid assist. An electric motor up front, meanwhile, would power the front wheels only for cruising around town. While the design is inspired by the original 2000 GT, it comes no where near that classic in terms of aesthetic appeal. We do, however, like the simplicity of its lines. Unique features also include doors that flow around the back, giving the car a split cockpit-like canopy.

Should Toyota be thinking about rekindling the fire first sparked by the 2000 GT? Absolutely, especially if it truly wishes to be a full-line automaker like General Motors. Should the 2000 SR Concept be charged with this responsibility? No. Let's wait and see if rumors of a new AE86 or a production version of the FT-HS Concept are true first.

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