Top Gear flogs the Aston Martin DBS

Top Gear has laid hands on the new hotness that is the Aston Martin DBS, and after watching Jeremy Clarkson take us on an eight-minute tour of the car and what it can do, we desperately want to win the lottery. In his review, he literally places it head-to-head against the DB9 (prettier and less costly) and the Vanquish S (faster in a drag race), and for a time, you almost think he's disappointed in James Bond's latest company car. But as the segment concludes, he has an epiphany of sorts, explaining that its the best car he's driven this year and detailing what makes it special. Then the Stig takes the wheel and does his thing. What's the final verdict? Where does it rank against the other exotica that's lapped the Top Gear test course? We won't give it away, other than to say that it keeps some pretty heady company on that ranking board. Follow the jump and check out the video for yourselves.

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