How much of a market is there for $1 Million+ supercars?

Even with more billionaires around then ever, there still appears to be a very limited demand for cars priced upwards of $1 million. The almighty McLaren F1 was originally planned for a run of 300 cars, but production ultimately ceased after only about 100, including more than two dozen racing models. The current high-dollar, high-speed champion Bugatti Veyron seems to be having a similarly hard time finding the necessarily well-heeled customers it needs. Although only 300 units are slated for production, so far, less than half that many have found committed purchasers. Given the limitations of driving on public roads, is it necessary for that many examples to be built? People who want to cover long distances at a high rate of speed are more likely to have a plane, and we're sure they've got the cash to have it fueled up and ready on a moments notice. Others who want to actually experience that kind of speed on a closed course would probably be just as satisfied with something more track-friendly. The Veyron is perhaps the ultimate answer to a question only a few have asked.

[Source: International Herald Tribune]

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