Christmas gift ideas for McLaren fans

Christmas is just around the corner, the shopping season officially kicked off today, and McLaren (perhaps borrowing yet another page from Ferrari?) has come up with some really pricey tschotskes for the Formula 1 fans on your gift list. The team's online store has several items like this hand-painted 1/12 scale replica of the MP4-22's nosecone that shows the car's aerodynamic setup in detail. This little dust collector will set you back $139. If that's no good, (or you simply have a lot more money than brains) you can fork over a certifiably insane $2,500 for a replica steering wheel made of carbon fiber, complete with working buttons and everything. No, it won't work with your car (or even your PS3 for that matter), nor will it make the desk you display it on any faster. If you're itching to rack up some more credit card debt, McLaren'll be happy to help you in that endeavour.


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