An Aston Martin built outside of the UK? Rapide likely to go elsewhere

With sales of Aston Martin's existing sports and GT lineup continuing at a strong clip, the question of where to build the new Rapide four-door becomes more problematic. For a company that is still relatively low-volume (7,000 cars last year) like Aston, investing in tooling for more capacity is difficult. That's where contract builders come to the rescue. Aston is reportedly talking to Pininfarina, Karmann, Magna-Steyr and Valmet about assembling the new car, with a decision due by the end of the year. Even though Aston Martin is one of the most quintessentially British brands, having one of these companies build the new car probably won't hurt too much. They've assembled vehicles for the likes of Porsche, BMW and many others without doing much harm to their reputations.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. req'd]

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