LA Show 2007: Faces in the crowd

What would an auto show be without all those lovely models? Although they weren't deployed as numerously as at some other recent shows (Frankfurt, Tokyo and SEMA come to mind) Los Angeles had its fair share of pretty faces representing the various manufacturers. It also had a few celebrities floating around to make you know you were close to Hollywood. Former NBAer John Salley, racer Derek Bell, "The Transporter" himself, Jason Statham, architect Frank Gehry, and California's own Governator made it into our files this year. Aside from the ones in our gallery there were several others who proved too elusive even for our shutterbug corps, which included occasional helper Las de Alwis as well as several AB and ABG regulars. We'll just have to try harder next time.
Click image at right for high-res gallery of some of the beautiful people from Los Angeles.

Frank Gehry at right
Frank Gehry at right
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