Racer X Design KC-427 Concept offers modern interpretation of the Cobra

Nearly four years ago at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, Ford launched a Cobra Concept with a 6.4-liter V10 and a modern design twist of the classic two-seater. While it was cool to see a modernized version of the original, it still lacked the overall aggressive design of the original Cobra that so many people love. There weren't enough curves, and the front looked somewhat awkward.

Recently, Maltese design and tuning company Racer X Design launched renderings of what they call the KC-427 Concept. It has very similar lines to the original Cobra (especially the rear), but with sharper creases that give a modern appearance. Racer X Design hopes to have a full concept car out within a year, and to eventually produce a run of twenty.

[Source: Racer X Design via Serious Wheels]


A modern interpretation of the legendary Cobra 427, as seen by the Maltese designers at Racer X Design. This is the first time that Racer X Design is showing the sketches of the KC-427 to the public.

Designed to evoke the emotions of the classic cobra, the KC-427 concept captures the beautiful design of the original while adding a more brutal new age twist. The design is dramatic, modern yet with the same lines that made the original an icon, the KC does not try to hide the fact that its insight comes from the 60's. It looks ready to chew the tarmac even in design phase.

The small dimensions together with a space frame chassis consent to build a car that weighs less than a ton, even with a 7.0L V8 motor as found on the new Corvette Z06. The result would be a car that has a power to weight ratio of around 550 bhp/ton.

The Concept car will be completed within a year, expect it to be a hit. A relatively small Company that builds one off cars for the single enthusiast, the Racer X design team is already known for both the GTV Evoluzione and the RCX, both of which won several awards both in design and construction.

This is also the first time that instead of building a one off, twenty KC-427's are intended to be sold internationally. "We will start collecting information on who might be interested in this car. The first twenty people who show interest will be offered the opportunity to purchase the KC once the cars are ready and be updated regularly with the progress" said Reuben Zammit – Director and Head of design of Racer X.

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