In the video above, Jeremy Clarkson, host of the popular English car show Top Gear, removes all the four by fours from the cool part of the Top Gear cool board. His reason? Cars are all about getting women and socialist women, who he claims are better in bed, don't like four by fours. Here are his exact words:

We're beginning by moving all the four wheel drive cars down. All of them are doing down... Times have moved on, Richard, 21st century and all that. ... No, listen, I agree with you, I agree, I am sure with most people here, that four by fours are not killing polar bears but. ... cars are all about pulling women, for us obviously, yes, do you know what I mean, for blokes, it's what it's all about. You are not going to pull socialist women with these because they don't like them. ... socialist women are better in bed than Tory women. ...They're not cool anymore, driving around in them, They're just not.

Jeremy also compares Vanessa Redgrave to another woman I did not recognize. He may be kidding because he says he is going to celebrate moving 4X4s down the board by getting a Range Rover. Also, in the video he uses a chainsaw on the board and describes a very strange kind of meter. Anyway, I guess green's (or, apparently, socialist green women's) disdain for 4X4 vehicles has reached even Jeremy Clarkson. Wonder what Clarkson thinks of these.

[Source: Google Video]

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