eBay UPDATE: Auto shop not allowed to profit from LiLo's DUI

A few days ago we alerted you to the fact that Lindsay Lohan's smashed-up-yet-now-repaired Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG was being listed on eBay Motors by the shop that fixed its front end. The shop figured out it was Ms. Lohan's ride when a customer compared the license plate that was still on the car to one seen in a video about the starlet's DUI crash. They indeed matched and the shop then realized it was sitting on a potential gold mine. After all, if people will pay thousands for Britney's unwashed left sock, surely Lindsay's personal Doom's Day machine would fetch a few more dollars than a standard SL65 AMG. And so the eBay listing for the car went up and was plastered with LiLo's image and tales of debauchery to which the car was a witness.

Apparently, eBay frowns upon profiting from the mishaps of young hollywood (or else a team lawyers had some words with eBay). The auction apparently ended prematurely, but don't fret - the car is back up for sale on eBay Motors, this time without any mention of Lohan and her exploits. Instead, the only clue as to this car's previous owner is the description "previously owned by high profile celebrity". We wanted to let you know just so that no one out there thought this Merc was previously owned by Britney, Paris or any other celebrity that buys inappropriately high-powered cars.

Thanks for the tip, alex!

[Source: eBay Motors]

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