Mother Proof website chooses best hybrids for mums

The moms of, a site dedicated to providing women in general and mothers in particular with new-car reviews, has published a list of their top choice hybrids. Although the hybrid market is growing steadily and Americans have more options than ever to buy and drive one, this page is focused on which vehicles are most suitable for mothers (and I'd say fathers too).

Their recommendations are for large cars, so they might not be the greenest options but let's admit that a childseat at the back of a Prius might be cumbersome for certain mums. They aren't too fond on sedans because trunk space is usually sacrificed to install the battery pack. Anyway, here are their choices

  • Toyota Highlander Hybrid 08: Praised because it's more powerful than last year's model and "saves time because you go less often to the gas pump".
  • Chevy Tahoe Hybrid 08: Remarked because it's "intriguing" as the most powerful hybrid in the market.
  • Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid 08: Highlighted for being a compact and affordable hybrid still able to carry five and their luggage (and dog).
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid 07: Because "at traffic stops the car feels it's in stealth mode".

Anyone else got an opinion on this?


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