Video: Ellen DeGeneres does live, in-show ad for Highlander hybrid

Ellen DeGeneres may not have Iggy but she does have a Highlander hybrid and on Friday, she did everything she could to promote the SUV in a live, in-show ad. Instead of just going to commercial break, Ellen began to talk about the old days when the ads for cigarettes were promoted right in the show. "Anyway, we thought it would be fun to bring back that old feeling of live commercials-not the cigarettes, the commercials" explains Ellen as she walks over to the Highlander Hybrid on the talk show's set.
With 30 seconds on the clock, Ellen begins to tell everyone about the Highlander's features like its "hybrid EV mode that allows it to run on its own electric motor." The list of features were mixed with jokes like the camera man being Ellen's back up camera and her studio audience folding. After the show came back from a commercial break, we find Ellen laying on the Highlander and stroking the hybrid like "car-presenting models." You can watch both parts of the ads at Ellen's website.

Kim McCullough, Toyota's corporate manager of marketing communications, says "Ellen's comedic style and the strong bond she has with her audience made her an ideal choice for our first live commercial."

[Source: Ad Week]

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