SEMA 2007 Spotlight: APS C6 ZO6 LS7 twin turbo kit

One sports car that really needs more power is the Chevrolet C6 Corvette Z06, right? The LS7 engine puts out 505 horsepower in stock form, so it could really use about twice that. Thankfully the folks at APS (Air Power Systems) developed a twin turbocharger kit for the C6 Z06 application. APS claims their power adders will get the LS7 generating upwards of 1100 rear wheel horsepower. Now, knowing the compression ratio of the LS7, the upper reaches of that power range will not be seen by anyone running pump gas. Regardless of the user's intended boost setting, the kit will esthetically fit in with the rest of the ZO6's engine bay. A few notable parts included in the kit are cast iron exhaust manifolds, rotomolded plastic intake piping, water cooled turbochargers and an oil scavenge pump to ensure the proper lubrication of the turbocharger bearings.

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