Save money in your garage by being green

Sometimes I feel that there is always a conference somewhere about the most unexpected subject. Such is the case of this "Energy savings on garages and carports" lecture being held in Madrid. Although addressed to architects, who are being affected in Europe by eco-conscious building constraints, the lecturers gave a few tips on how to make our garages the greenest possible, for all kinds of publics.

First of all, keep the door manual if it isn't too heavy. If you must go with a power door, select the most efficient door motors and hydraulic pumps possible. Second, install fluorescent lights instead of incandescents - and always regulate with timers. If you wash your car at home, use hoses that use less water by mixing it with air. Your planet - plus your electricity and water bill payments - will thank you.

Do you have more ideas we can send to the lecturers? (I was thinking about good outlets for EV cars)

[Source: Econoticias]

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