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Toyota Prius, Camry and LS600h sales up, other hybrids down

Through the end of September 2007, Toyota's total worldwide sales of hybrid vehicles is ahead of 2006 by about 10,000 units and North America remains the biggest market for hybrids. However not all of their hybrids are thriving. The Prius has sold 211,806 copies so far this year compared to 185,589 the previous year. Also doing surprisingly well so far is the new LS600h which has sold 5,064 units so far. Not doing so well are the Lexus RX400h and GS450h and the Highlander. All three are down substantially although the Highlander drop is probably at least in part due to lack of availability in mid year as the switch was made to the new 2008 models. Overall sales growth has definitely slowed this year for Toyota's hybrid models with only a three percent increase year to date. Check out the full sales chart here.

[Source: Toyota]

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