Teenager in go-kart evades German police

A wannabe race driver lead police on a 3-mile pursuit through the streets of a German town last Friday while behind the wheel of a go-kart. The 18-year-old driver had all of seven squad cars on the chase, but they couldn't keep up with the kart's high speeds through the corners. The teenager even got the slip for a brief period by tucking into an open garage. When police finally caught up, the young speed demon was charged with driving without a license and driving a go-kart on a public street, which is illegal in Germany. If driving a go-kart on a public street is legal anywhere, then we want to know, as some of us might just move there. In his defense, the rebel driver told police that he knew his actions were illegal, but he had just bought the go-kart and didn't have any other way of getting it home.

[Source: Reuters, photo by Axel Schmidt/AFP/Getty]

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